Automechanika JHB RMI Vehicle Safety Imbizo

New Dimension Auto Parts had the privilege and opportunity to attend the Automechanika Johannesburg show from Wednesday 6 May till 9 May 2015 (However, we were only there till Friday). Although our main focus was centered around meeting, greeting and rubbing shoulders with the other players in the Automotive Aftermarket, we attended the RMI Vehicle Safety Imbizo on Wednesday 6 May. This very informative forum covered the critical role of quality spare parts, roadworthiness and compliance enforcement for less carnage and loss of lives, and was facilitated by Mr. Jeremy Maggs.

The points discussed at the Imbizo were:

  • The critical role of quality spare parts;
  • Accident statistics;
  • The impact on business;
  • Legislation and governance;
  • The significance of periodic testing;
  • Insights into future developments.

The content of the forum was exceptionally eye-opening, and not in a good way. We were shocked to hear and see what the national health state is of the Automotive Aftermarket, as well as Road/Vehicle Safety. If you had attended, you would also, like us, seriously reconsider your following distances as well as your attitude while driving on our national roads in South Africa, as the statistics of regular vehicle maintenance with quality spare parts were horrifyingly low, which reflects directly on survival rate should an accident occur, not only at high speeds, but at normal suburban street speeds of between 45-60 kilometers per hour.

Some interesting points that each and every driver or vehicle owner should know are that the market is flooded with over 100 alternative branded spare parts, and that roughly 82% of these brands or parts, whether they are locally manufactured or imported, are not meeting OE requirements and are not SABS compliant. 90% of them have even failed random NRCS tests at different laboratories. This alone should be enough to shift the public concern from being primarily price aware to being quality aware.

Armed with this knowledge, we are even more confident and ready to supply our Quality Auto Pride brand to the market, as all of our products meet the requirements and regulations set out by not only the government, but are SABS compliant as well. Our business practice and values are geared at offering our valued customers a high quality alternative product at entry-level prices, and this is not because we have “skimped” or compromised on quality or formula’s, but mainly because we have spent many months acquiring reputable suppliers with quality manufacturing facilities.

Join New Dimension Auto Parts in changing the face of the Automotive Aftermarket in South Africa, and help us to raise awareness and save lives by offering Quality, Confidence and Peace of Mind with our Quality Auto Pride products.