Delivering in Style

Hopefully by now we have made it very clear that brand awareness and quality are a big deal to us. In the past, if we have delivered to you or your store, you would have been met with our driver “Big Joe” and our unbranded delivery van, but now, you will be met by Big Joe with a big smile and a proudly NDAP branded delivery van.

By taking pride in our product and company, we also believe that standing out in the Automotive Aftermarket as a new player is something that will not happen very easily or on it’s own, so we felt it very important to compliment current customer satisfaction with our products by introducing an eye catching delivery vehicle to the national roads in South Africa.

Big Joe and the “NDAPmobile” can be spotted at anytime during the course of the week (and some weekends) travelling between Limpopo, the Free State, North West or Mpumalanga and Gauteng ofcourse, so keep your eyes peeled for this “Delivery Duo”!

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