Open to The Public!

With New Dimension Auto Parts being well within our fifth year of operation, and backed by an ever evolving way of approaching business, specifically in the current financial situation that our country finds itself stuck in, we have made a bold new move that will hopefully allow more vehicles on our roads to be compliant with road safety regulations.

We now sell directly to the public! New Dimension Auto Parts has mutated from being strictly Wholesale to Trade Members (Spares Shops and Workshops), to being a “Retailer” as well, where anyone can call in, have a chat with our Sales Team, place an order and come collect (or we can deliver) their Auto Pride Quality Parts at exceptionally competitive pricing.

To make payment a breeze, we now also have a Yoco Card Swipe Machine, so no need to worry about cash transactions. Bring your debit or credit card, swipe and walk out with your invoice, warranty and our quality guarantee!

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